Schumann’s Swiss Journey in 1829

26th August 1829 – the Rigi [mountain massif]

Hollow Way with Tell’s Chapel
1. Hollow Way with Tell’s Chapel

[Wednesday, 26th August – heavenly weather – ride over Lake Zug to Immensee – the accommodating and humble boatman – friendly Immensee and beautiful panorama of Buonas, Cham, the Albis [Pass], Arth, and the friendly and terrace-like Rigi [mountain massif] – breakfast in Immensee – Tell’s Chapel (1) – Hollow Way near Küssnacht – brisk hike in elevated mood – jumping up onto the mountain [massif] with a hiking stick like a gazelle – hence praise from the guide Aloys Schell – higher and higher view – seeing Lake Zug through the forest, shining like a deep big sky – alpine pasture – alpine hut and refreshment – steeper and steeper and freer and freer – pure air – arriving in [the settlement of] Rigi Staffel – Madame Schumacher and daughter from Lucerne – the saying: pour la complaisance [for the sake of courtesy] – finds its confirmation in glances – walking on a mountain top – the whole Alpine chain from the high Säntis [mountain] – Jungfrau [mountain] – the guide, delighted by my delight – excited by wine – peering through the window at the mourning [illegible] – then walk to [the settlement of] Rigi Kulm – Alpine hikers – riding Englishwoman – the Mountain Hole – higher and higher view

Rigi Kulm, engraving, Salomon Corrodi, 1830
2. Rigi Kulm, engraving, Salomon Corrodi, 1830

– arriving in Rigi Kulm (2) - new arrivals – the beautiful and light Englishwoman, jumping up onto the mountain [massif] with a hiking stick – the even more beautiful Miss Dosten – vibrant life in the Alps – unique view, too beautiful to be real – indescribable – the French family with acceptable daughters – the Parisian dandies – the Strasbourg student with the alphorn – magnificent sunset (3) – the next peeping mourners [?] – the setting sun and magical fairy lighting – dream ideas – alpine pastures – table d’hôte – the Hanovers – the Strasbourger – the happy Strasbourger – mulled wine – sleeping accommodation in the Zwickau manner – cold and whistling winds -]

Sunrise on the Rigi, ca. 1830
3. Sunrise on the Rigi, ca. 1830

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