Students of Clara Schumann

There follow, listed in alphabetical order with a short biography, the pianists of Clara Schumann, whom she taught privately and/or at the Dr. Hoch Conservatory. The biographies of Clara Schumann's students were complicated by J. M. Nauhaus and are based on the compilation of Claudia de Vries: Die Pianistin Clara Wieck-Schumann. Interpretation im Spannungsfeld von Tradition und Individualität. Mainz i.a. 1996, Appendix G, p 383–396.

The reference of individual portraits - as far as they could be researched - I especially owe to the researches of Music und Gender im Internet (MUGI) at the Hamburg School of Music and Theatre Hamburg:

I also thank the University Library in Frankfurt, which kindly allowed us to use several digitalized photographs – carefully labeled at every respective image – from the collection Mannskopf. (

As far as some of the students are described in more detail at the website of MUGI, the entries are provided with active links.

(I.B., translated by Katharina Ma)

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