Photo Gallery

The picture gallery, sorted by years of origin, shows a selection of contemporary portraits of Clara Schumann, née Wieck, including, along with numerous engravings and photographs commissioned by the famous artist for sale to her admirers and music lovers, some singular images with, inter alia, child and youth images of the child prodigy and rising pianist star Clara Wieck, as well as portraits of the mature woman and artist, produced by famous artists such as Lenbach, Hildebrandt, and even Adolph von Menzel.

As a standard work of images involving Robert and Clara Schumann cf. Clara und Robert Schumann. Zeitgenössische Porträts. Katalog zur Ausstellung des Heinrich-Heine-Instituts, Düsseldorf, und des Robert-Schumann-Hauses, Zwickau, in Verbindung mit der Forschungsstelle der Robert-Schumann-Gesellschaft Düsseldorf  [Clara and Robert Schumann. Contemporary Portraits. Catalogue of the Exhibition of the Heinrich Heine Institute, Düsseldorf, and of the Robert Schumann House, Zwickau, in conjunction with the Research Centre of the Robert Schumann Society, Düsseldorf], edited by Bernhard R. Appel, Inge Hermstrüwer and Gerd Nauhaus, in collaboration with Ute Bär, Düsseldorf: publisherDroste Verlag, 1994

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)