Printed music and musical products(ad 1) and “rental music” / performance materials (ad 2) available commercially

1. Printed music and musical products available

IDNV, International Database for Printed Music and Musical Products,

About the IDNV

The IDNV was designed as a complete, up-to-date and reliable catalogue of nationally and internationally available printed music and musical products. The system is useful as a reference work and tool for publishers, retailers, libraries and all those interested in music. It was and still is developed and updated in close coordination with the relevant expert committee of the German Association of Music Publishers (DMV) and the General Association of German Music Retailers (GDM).

On (search entry: music antiquarians), a database can also be used which, amongst other things, provides a listing of German music antiquarians to whom enquiries can be sent about printed music that is otherwise no longer available on the market.

Many printed music items available are also listed on:

The MUSICA website for choral music covers hundreds of references to printed music of Schumann’s works of which the first fifty are listed free of charge, on:, where you just have to enter the name of “Robert Schumann” under “Search”. You will first be led to a page where you are requested to register with your e-mail address and wait for a password before you can start with your search. 

2. “Rental music” – “Bonn Catalogue”

Listing of musical performance materials (rental material)

Listed in the constantly updated database of “DNB Music” of the German National Library, available on CD-ROM, with annual updates and access authorisations, cf.

The Bonn Catalogue is a listing of musical performance materials on a rental basis. It is constantly updated by the German Music Archives in Berlin, cf., and is published in conjunction with the German Association of Music Publishers. The Bonn Catalogue furnishes comprehensive documentary proof of music materials which have been provided by German music publishers for musical performances and productions on a rental (indemnity) basis ( = obligation of the performer to use the printed music solely for the purpose stated and to remove any added handwritten interpretive notessubsequently). To purchase the CD-ROM with annual updates and access authorisations, cf.

Since 1959, the Bonn Catalogue has been an indispensable tool for academic institutions, conservatoires and their libraries, orchestras, choirs, chamber music ensembles, musical theatres, broadcasting corporations, phonogram producers, copyright and collecting societies, music shops, and not least for music publishing at home and abroad. It saves the user precious time, instead of having to go through individual publishers’ catalogues.


(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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