Brahms Institute in Lübeck - Robert Schumann's first editions and early prints

As of 08.11.2013, approx. 20 h, online:

“The Brahms Institute in Lübeck holds more than eighty per cent of Schumann’s works with 128 first editions and early prints. [...] That Robert Schumann’s first editions and early prints are now availabledigitally is unique in the world – 8,176 single pages. [...] With funding provided by the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, the Lübeck Savings Bank Foundation and the Friends’ Association, to an amount of over 56,000 euro, the first editions and early prints could be digitised and formally catalogued within the scope of a two-year project. The Schumann project demonstrates the actual spectrum of this significant collection whichgoes far beyond Johannes Brahms. [...] The digital images include various copies with dedications by Schumann in his own hand and also handwritten ownership notes, inter alia by Clara Schumann. The bulk of the prints comes from the Nachlass of Brahms’s friend Theodor Kirchner.”