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A complete compilation of all the literature published about Robert Schumann since his death in 1856 does, unfortunately, not exist yet. This would have to list all contributions published so far and, of course, include all new publications.

We are pleased to present a small selection of new publications, essays, and advance notices under 
New publications. Provided these are available commercially already, with reference to book titles only, they can be searched for under

You can find out about the availability of certain titles and edition in libraries through Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB). Under , you can access the online catalogue of the “German Library” which encompasses the stocks of Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig [German Library of Leipzig] since 1913, and of the German Library since 1945.

In accordance with the Law of 31st March 1969 and the Law governing the Unification Treaty of 23rdSeptember 1990, every commercial and non-commercial publisher in the Federal Republic of Germany must submit, free of charge, two presentation copies each of his/her publications to the “German National Library”

The collection as from 1913 encompasses

  • publications in Germany
  • German-language publications abroad
  • translations of German-language works into other languages published abroad
  • foreign-language publications about Germany abroad, so-called Germanica
  • printed works by German-language emigrants written or published between 1933 and 1945

You can access the individual catalogues and collections of DNB, including the Zeitschriftendatenbank [German Union Catalogue of Serials] (ZDB) and “DeutschesMusikarchiv Berlin” [“German Music Archive of Berlin] under or, Sheet Music/„Bonner Katalog“ under, Sound Carriers under and Historical Sound Carriers under

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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