Schumann Network

With the Robert Schumann anniversaries in 2006 (150th anniversary of his death) and 2010 (200th birthday) in mind, the Schumann Netzwerk was created in fall 2005 initiated and financially supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. Among the founder members or ‘networkers’ of the very first beginning, following institutions in the Schumann cities Zwickau, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Bonn, accepted  the invitation of Bonn head of department for culture and the head of StadtMuseum Bonn as assigned project coordinator and were represented by delegates:

  • Robert-Schumann-Haus Zwickau
  • Robert-Schumann-Gesellschaft Zwickau
  • Kulturdezernat der Stadt Leipzig
  • Clara-und Robert-Schumann-Verein Leipzig e. V.
  • Heinrich-Heine-Institut Düsseldorf
  • Robert-Schumann-Gesellschaft Düsseldorf (mit Schumann-Forschungsstelle)
  • StadtMuseum Bonn
  • Schumannhaus Bonn (Municipal music Library) 

It was agreed on close collaboration, especially with regard to public relations, which is also the reason why the first project agreed on was the creation of an online portal about Robert and Clara Schumann. Since the journey is the reward and thus, the Schumann portal has to be constantly complemented and kept updated. The aim of the portal administered by the project coordinator in cooperation with a web project administrator, is firstly, to gather information about all activities related to Robert and Clara Schumann by the connected institutions and also a broader approach by means of activities in other cities. A broad range of information about the life of Robert and Clara Schumann is also aimed in order to avoid question remain unanswered.

The Schumann Netzwerk is aiming to connect more institutions, associations and societies related to Robert and Clara Schumann, whereat the connection with Robert and Clara Schumann has to provide a collection, local reference or special fostering of one of their works.
In 2005/2006 other „Schumann-related“ institutions and associations of the Schumann-cities of Bonn, Düsseldorf and Zwickau joined the network.

Until 2011 following Schumann places were added (represented through specific institutions, respectively the city council):

  • Wien
  • Baden-Baden
  • Frankfurt
  • Heidelberg
  • Dresden
  • Jena
  • Berlin
  • Kreischa
  • Maxen

New on board since 2021: Plauen

The work of the project coordination of the Schumann Netzwerk is focusing on the intensified collaboration between the different Schumann cities and venues, supports the activities and common ‘branding’ of the Schumann cities in public matters and should also be motivated to work on “Reisen auf den Spuren von Robert and Clara Schumann”. The project coordination of the network in Bonn is constantly trying to extend and strengthen the network in close cooperation with member institutions, in order to achieve the same level of recognition for Robert and Clara Schumann, as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, and also to accomplish an identification in the public perception of Robert and Clara Schumann with the cities related to his life and connected with the remembrance of him.

With the support of the federal government commissioner for culture and media.


Translation: Katharina Ma