Robert & Clara Schumann and Frankfurt

"Truly - Frankfurt is delightful, only because it resembles Leipzig, deducted Taunus and the amiable Main",  the 19 year old law student Robert Schumann wrote in a stopover on the way to his second study place in Heidelberg. He visited all the major attractions of the old imperial and trading town, considered the faces of the citizens "almost all full of character", but did not liked the Frankfurt dialect.
He returned to Frankfurt not before 1851, this time with his wife Clara, who already gave concerts there as a young girl and who chose the city long time after Schumann’s death, 1878, to become her permanent residence.

After she was appointed to the first female piano teacher at the still existing Dr. Hoch Conservatory, she worked more than a decade as teacher. In connection with her numerous concert tours to England, a lot of prospective pianists from the Anglo-Saxon countries belonged to her students.

The memory of Robert and Clara Schumann was always kept alive in Frankfurt and 50 years ago, in July 1956, at the initiative of the physician Max Flesch-Thebesius and music professor Erich Flinsch, a Schumann-Society was founded, which maintains the tradition through concerts and social events and celebrated its 50th birthday in 2006.

(Gerd Nauhaus, translated by Katharina Ma)

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