Emma Brandes married Engelmann born Vick (1853-1940)

(Brandes was the maiden name of Emma's mother and was used by Emma as artist's name until her marriage)  

Emma Engelmann geb. Brandes (1854-1940?)
Emma Brandes (18.1.1853, Neubukow - 14.6.1940, Berlin-Spandau) as a young girl

Steel engraving from the collection Manskopf, UB Frankfurt

In August 1869 the conductor Aloys Schmitt from Schwerin, introduced the 15 year old Emma Brandes to Clara Schumann. The pianist described her in a diary entry as an extremely talented girl that plays technically quite excellent and whom she would like to teach right away. This happened not until 1870.  Probably in the same year Emma married the physiologist Theodor Wilhelm Engelmann from Leizig, who was since 1867 assistant at the University of Utrecht. In 1888 he became a professor and taught at the Dutch university until his appointment to Berlin in 1897. In Berlin, Engelmann was appointed professor of physiology and director of the  Institute of Physiology until 1908. He died in 1909. Engelmann was enthusiastic on music and literature and even played cello. Emma Brandes gave up her promising concert career after her marriage, but still performed in private circles. The couple was very interested in the latest works by Brahms and also traveled to performances of Schumann's works. Clara Schumann often visited her in Utrecht and stayed at her former student’s during her concert tours.

In July 1870 Clara Schumann noted in her diary: "I had a great joy with her (Emma), and every day she was dearer to me. It was a very exciting time for me, by her I lived my earliest youth again and with the joy that I had when I finally see a real talent ascending according to my senses, and above all, an interpreter for Robert’s compositions, a sad thought came to my mind, I will soon no longer be needed here - she will relieve me! She might not have the same passion and the fire of my playing, but that's not necessary, since two very similar individuals do not exist at all, each one has her place. With each piece that she played to me, she astonished and delighted me again and again. As soon as she takes a seat at the piano, this same holy seriousness comes over her, she is completely devoted to, and I have never experienced that with all the young girls, who one after another rose and extinguished again,... Emma Brandes is the pure nature in everything and who knows, if once love will warm her heart, if with this also the fire and the deep inwardness will appear, which life brings with its joys and sorrows...

(J.M.N., translated by Katharina Ma)

Cp. also MUGI and - newer and very informative: http://www.sophie-drinker-institut.de/cms/index.php?page=brandes-emma

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