Mary Wurm (1860–1938)

Mary Wurm (1860–1938)
Mary Wurm

Steel engraving from the collection Manskopf, UB Frankfurt

Mary Wurm was the eldest sister of the pianists Mathilde and Adela Verne. As a child, Mary came to Stuttgart, where she studied for eight years. After her return to London she heard and Nathalie Janotha on stage and was so impressed that she applied for a study place with Clara Schumann. Latter was as a matter of principle not taking any students coming from Stuttgart, but since Mary Wurm was able to produce many recommendations, Clara made an exception. Although she was already a well-known pianist in England, it took her a long time to convince Clara Schumann of her talent and had to start from the scratch. In 1884 her teacher enabled her to perform in a concert, together with Joseph Joachim and the cellist Alfredo Piatti in London. Wurm mainly gave concerts in England and Germany, where she lived until her death. She was praised for her exceptionally beautiful legato and in 1914 she published a Practical Preschool as teaching material of Elisabeth Caland in Hannover and lobbied for its distribution.

(J.M.N., translated by Katharina Ma)


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