Louise Adolpha Le Beau (1850–1927)

Louise Adolpha Le Beau (1850–1927)

Louise Adolpha Le Beau
Steel engraving from the Manskopf Collection, University Library of Frankfurt

Louise Adolpha Le Beau was a pianist and composer like Clara Schumann. She received her basic piano and composition training from the Karlsruhe Court Conductor Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda. Because of her double talent, she was repeatedly compared to Clara Schumann. However, Le Beau quickly disengaged from writing piano music and songs and focused almost exclusively on compositions with multiple parts.

In 1873, at the request of her parents, she began to take lessons with Clara Schumann, who got to know and appreciate Louise as an unsurpassed Beethoven interpreter, representing the solemn and dignified approach. As artists, both women matched each other quite well, but the differences of their characters became more and more apparent. Clara Schumann obviously had strong feelings of rivalry towards the young and self-confident composer and pianist. During lessons, she constantly criticised Louise in a harsh way, and the teacher-pupil-relationship then ended after a few months in a fiasco.

(J.M.N., translated by Th. H.)

Cf. on Louise Adolpha Le Beau also a highly recommended entry at: http://mugi.hfmt-hamburg.de/

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