Mathilde Wendt (1855-1932)*

Mathilde Wendt was the daughter of the classical philologist and school headmaster Gustav Wendt in Karlsruhe. She first listened to Clara Schumann in a concert with Joseph Joachim at the Berlin singing academy. But Clara had to reject Wendt’s desire to take lessons with her, since she did not wanted to give lessons during her concert tours.  She recommended Mathilde Wendt, to come to Baden-Baden in the spring. However, Mathilde was bound to Berlin and could not take any classes until 1873, when Clara moved to Berlin. The training that lasted until Clara and her daughters moved to Frankfurt in 1878 resulted in a lifelong friendship. Mathilde Wendt also assisted Clara with the transcription of manuscripts for the edition of Robert Schumann's early letters. She knew Brahms and many other artists from the circle of Clara Schumann and published memoirs on Clara Schumann in 1919.

* According to recent results in research from a descendant of Gustav Wendt and his wife Anna née Dohrn, Mathilde Wendt may not have been the above-described student of Clara Schumann. The eldest daughter of Gustav Wendt, born 1855, lived continuously with her parents and married at the age of 18 in 1873 a certain Otto Grumbacher in Karlsruhe. She remained in Karlsruhe and died here in 1932. Concerning the piano student of Clara Schumann, it is apparently the sister of Gustav Wendt, who was also named Matilda.
(Information of a great-great-grandchild of Gustav Wendt; 13 October 2009, after research at the urban archives in Karlsruhe).

I.B., 13/10/2009 (translated by Katharina Ma)

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