Ilona Eibenschütz (1873–1967)

Ilona Eibenschütz (1873–1967)
Ilona Eibenschütz

Photography oft he collectionManskopf, UB Frankfurt

Ilona Eibenschütz was born in Budapest and celebrated already as a six-year-old child genius success on stage. She has performed in Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. From 1886 to1890, she studied with Clara Schumann and subsequently developed to a respected interpreter of the works of Brahms. The composer himself was impressed by her. In London in 1894, she presented his Piano Pieces op. 119 and also many of his chamber music works for the first time.
She has a vivid personality, but played with little body movement and great calm. Ilona Eibenschütz retired soon from stage, got married and settled in England. In 1903 she made her first recordings; even 50 years later private recordings and spoken memories of Johannes Brahms followed.
(J.M.N., translated by Katharina Ma)

Ilona Eibenschütz talks and plays: Reminiscences of Brahms (1952)

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