Nanette Falk-Auerbach (1835–1928)

Born in Hamburg, Nanette Falk was one of the very few students of Clara Schumann in Dresden, where she auditioned in 1847 at the age of twelve. Shortly afterwards, she kept, like Emilie Steffens, company in the domestic circle of Schumanns. Apparently on invitation of Clara, she came 1851 to Düsseldorf in 1851 to participate in the performance of a concerto for three pianos by Bach, with two other students, Martha Sabinin and Caroline Dupré.

Nanette Falk gave concerts and taught for almost all of her life, first in Germany and since the 1860s also in the United States. In Baltimore, she married in 1867 the watchmaker and later antiquarian and bibliographer Joseph Auerbach (1830-1904), whom she followed to his hometown of Gdansk later. She outlived her husband by more than 20 years and died at an advanced age in Gdansk. An extensive collection of concert programs and reviews, as well as an autograph album from the estate of Nanette Falk is kept in the Robert-Schumann-Haus Zwickau.

(J.M.N., translated by Katharina Ma)

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