Schumann House Society in Bonn

c/o Musikbibliothek der Stadt Bonn, Schumannhaus
Sebastianstr. 182, 53115 Bonn

Chairman: Markus Schuck
Deputy Chairman: Ulrich Bumann


With the Schumann House in Endenich, the town of Bonn possesses one of the most important memorials in remembrance of the composer Robert Schumann.
In this house, media, music and the memorial are combined into a living unit which receives international attention reaching far beyond Bonn.

The Schumann House Society in Bonn was founded in 1982 as a citizens’ initiative for the town of Bonn to acquire the Schumann House. Since then, the Society has set itself the task of honouring the memory and the work of Robert Schumann at his last residence and considers itself, in particular, as the representative of interests on all matters concerning the house before the municipal administration, the political parties, and the general public.

In view of increasing budget problems faced by the federal town of Bonn, the Society is trying to secure the existence of the library and the cultural use of the house.

The Schumann House Society of Bonn

  • Supports the memorial and the music library through financial donations and donations in kind
  • Organises concerts, readings, and lectures
  • Takes part in the culture festival “Schumann Festival in Bonn”, originally founded as "Endenicher Herbst"
  • Promotes publications on the subject of Schumann and Bonn
  • Advocates relevant renovation and construction measures.

The Schumann House Society in Bonn needs your help to cope with these tasks and to be able to continue its activity. We would be very happy if you could decide to support our work by becoming a member of the Schumann House Society.

Details of our contribution and donations account:
Sparkasse KölnBonn
Account No. 193 174 7321 | Branch Sort Code 370 501 98
IBAN DE94 370 501 98 193 174 7321 | BICCOLSDE33XXX

The Schumann House Society in Bonn is entered in the Register of Associations at the District Court of Bonn under No. 4839 and has been acknowledged as a non-profit organisation by the Tax Office.
All contributions and donations are tax-deductible.

Your contact persons
Markus Schuck

Ulrich Bumann
Deputy Chairman

Publication series of the Schumann House Society in Bonn:

Gerd Nauhaus: Robert Schumann 1810-1856. Siegfried Kross: Zur Diskussion um Schumanns späte Jahre. Verein Schumannhaus Bonn e.V., 2003. – 24 pp. (Bonner Schumanniana: Schriftenreihe des Vereins Schumannhaus Bonn e.V.; 1)

Ulrich Mahlert: Robert Schumann im Scheinwerferlicht nationalsozialistischer Ideologie. Verein Schumannhaus Bonn e.V., 2003. – 40 pp.; (Bonner Schumanniana: Schriftenreihe des Vereins Schumannhaus Bonn e.V.; 2)

Published as single issues on behalf of Schumannhaus Bonn e. V. 1993:

Briefe und Dokumente im Schumannhaus Bonn-Endenich. Edited by Thomas Synofzik on behalf of Verein Schumannhaus Bonn. Verein Schumannhaus Bonn e.V., 1993. Festschrift zum Jubiläum "50 Jahre Schumannhaus Bonn"

Töne sind höhere Worte. 50 Jahre Schumannhaus und Musikbibliothek Bonn. Documentation, edited by Verein Schumannhaus Bonn e.V. With contributions by Ingrid Bodsch, Ulrich Bumann, Katrin Reinhold and Markus Schuck, Bonn 2013

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