Municipal Archives / Town History Library

Stadtarchiv und Stadthistorische Bibliothek
Berliner Platz 2
53103 Bonn (Stadthaus Ebene 0)
Tel.: 0228 / 77 24 10
Fax: 0228 / 77 43 01

Principal Director of Archives: Dr Norbert Schloßmacher
Tel.: 0228 / 77 25 30

Opening hours of the Archives:
Mo + Th 10 – 18
Tu + We 10 – 16
Fr + Sa 10 – 13

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Bonn Municipal Archives, first mentioned in a document in 1284, consider 1899 as their actual year of foundation. In that year, the Archives, still housed at the Old Town Hall, became an academic institution freely open to the public by a decree of the Lord Mayor. At the same time, a Town History Library was built (currently holding about 130,000 units, starting with the first Bonn printings from the 16th century), and various local historical collections were initiated. These include above all a very large picture collection, numerous significant Nachlasse, and a rich collection of autographs. Documents relating to Robert Schumann are found in several holdings. The most important ones are as follows:

  • 8 letters by Robert Schumann
  • 13 letters by Clara Schumann
  • 8 letters by Schumann children (Elise 1, Eugenie 2, Ferdinand 1, Felix 1, Marie 3). These documents belong to the Nachlass of family Kaufmann or are individual acquisitions.
  • Nachlass of Eugenie Schumann (handed over to the Municipal Archives in 1981 and 1985). Along with a number of letters, these holdings also include mementos and photographs, and particular mention should be made of documents relating to the publication and performance of the Violin Concerto in D minor from Robert Schumann’s Nachlass.

Part of these autographs, documents and objects is displayed in the two Schumann rooms at the Schumann House in Bonn-Endenich.

Letter by Robert Schumann to the Leipzig publisher Friedrich Kistner
Letter by Robert Schumann to the Leipzig publisher Friedrich Kistner, dated 14th March 1836 (Bonn Municipal Archives)

Literature: Manfred van Rey et al. (eds.), Von der Urkunde zur CD. Geschichte und Bestände von Stadtarchiv und Stadthistorischer Bibliothek Bonn (Veröffentlichungen des Stadtarchivs Bonn 60), Bonn 2000

Norbert Schloßmacher, translated by Thomas Henninger

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