Schumann Festival in Bonn

An initiative by Markus Schuck and Andreas Etienne.

In 1998, Markus Schuck and the Bonn cabaret artist Andreas Etienne (Springmaus-Theatre Kabarett) launched a festival in Endenich about the Schumann House in Bonn, primarily devoted to the most famous patient of the mental asylum formerly housed in there, namely Robert Schumann. The festival, originally set up under the name of “Endenicher Herbst” due to the period end of October / beginning of November and due to its location, which presents its diverse cultural programmes across genres, times and subjects at the Schumann House(Sebastianstraße 182), the “Harmonie” bar, in the House of "Springmaus", at St Maria Magdalena Catholic church, the Protestant Trinity Church, at the “Theater im Ballsaal” [theatre], at the Rex cinema and elsewhere, has now been called “Schumann Festival in Bonn” for some years and celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2012 under this name. Cooperation with various cultural partners has been continuously expanded in the same way as the programme of the individual festivals, often of a transnational nature, has always produced famous patronages. In 2011, when the Schumann Festival was held under the motto of “Schumann and Italy”, patron was Sante Fornasier, the Italian President of the umbrella organisation European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, domiciled in Bonn, with which the Schumann Festival in Bonn has closely cooperated for a number of years. As from 2013, the Schumann Festival in Bonn no longer takes place in late autumn but at the end of May / beginning of June around the birthday of Robert Schumann.

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