Some publishers focus on the works of Robert Schumann in their programmes. 

A comprehensive range of printed musiceditions - there are currently ca. 90 of them - of works by Robert Schumann (urtext editions with careful and detailed comments) is available at publisher G. Henle-Verlag, Munich (publisher of the complete editions of Beethoven and Haydn, inter alia), with the overall range of works by Robert Schumann listed on:

"Urtext and Henle are synomyms". Each Henle copy offers an item of absolutely reliable printed music, a practice-related musical kit, excellent note images, a preface in German, English and French, and a critical report at least in German and English. Publisher Henle-Verlagincludes ca. 750 urtext editions in its programme. Alongside, inexpensive study editions are available also. The orchestral and choral works of this publisher are sold by other German music publishers under licence. 

The up-to-date electronic catalogue with the overall range can always be called up on the publisher's website. 

Schott Musik International, Mainz, the publisher currently preparing the New Complete Edition, also offers a fairly wide range of printed Schumann music in various presentations - urtext editions, study scores, practical editions, extracts and adaptions. 
For the overall range on "Robert Schumann", cf.

Publisher Carus-Verlag (Carus-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Echterdingen) concentrates on editions for female and mixed choruses. Its range of the respective printed Schumann music editions can be called up on:

Even at publisher Carus-Verlag - one of the leading German music publishers specialising primarily in sacred choral music - a comprehensive search for the overall range of printed music items and CDs is always possible in the constantly updated online catalogue:

Printed music (rental music) editions of symphonic works by Schumann, with retouches by Gustav Mahler, are available at publisher Josef Weinberger, London: (Manfred Op. 115), and at Universal Edition:

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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