The Schumann Collection in the archives of the Heinrich Heine Institute

The Schumann Collection with works by or items relating to Robert and Clara Schumann forms the centre of the music department in the archives of the Heine Institute. It comprises autographs, engraved copies, presentation copies, first editions, portraits, as well as a few personal memorabilia (such as pieces of jewellery, candlesticks, a w. veil of Clara Schumann). The focus of the collection is on Robert Schumann’s compositions from his time in Düsseldorf between 1850 and 1854, such as the manuscript of the oratorio “Der Rose Pilgerfahrt” [“The Pilgrimage of a Rose”], and the manuscripts of “Messe” [“Mass”] and “Requiem”. The Schumann portrait by the French artist Laurens also goes back to that period. Apart from these, the most outstanding items of the collection are the music manuscripts of the Three String Quartets Op. 41 and the manuscript of the Piano Concerto in A minor Op. 54, as well as an ivory miniature by an unknown artist, showing a portrait of the young Robert Schumann around 1830. The holdings further include some 180 letters by Robert Schumann. The collection is complemented by portraits and about 800 letters by Clara Schumann.

At the former home of the Schumanns at Bilker Straße 15, the Heine Institute, in conjunction with the Robert Schumann Society, established a memorial (see there) to commemorate Schumann’s activity as music director in Düsseldorf. Documents from the Schumann Collection and a square piano from the workshop of Johann Bernhard Klems of Düsseldorf are on display here.

Holdings of music autographs by Robert Schumann
A listing of the extensive holdings of music autographs by Robert Schumann at the Heinrich Heine Institute (work autographs, engraved copies including autograph notes / corrections, etc.) as at 2007  the period up to 2002 having been compiled by Margit McCorkle (Schumann Prize Winner of 2007, see under Zwickau, International Robert Schumann Prize) in the Thematisch-Bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis von Robert Schumann [Thematic and Bibliographical Catalogue of Robert Schumann’s Works], published in 2003 , can be found in the menu on the left-hand side.

Holdings of letters, dedications, etc., by Robert Schumann
The holdings of letters, dedications, etc., by Robert Schumann’s hand at the Heinrich Heine Institute in Düsseldorf currently (as at February 2007) comprise approx. 180 exhibits which can be accessed via the menu on the left-hand side.

Holdings of letters, dedications, and albums by Clara Schumann 
The collection of letters by Clara Schumann at the Heinrich Heine Institute currently (as at February 2007) comprises about 870 items, including some dedication leaves and albums. In the following listing, larger letter volumes to ONE addressee are lumped together.

Marianne Tilch, translated by Thomas Henninger

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