Robert Schumann Society (Robert-Schumann-Gesellschaft)

Bilker Straße 15
40213 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211 / 13 32 40
Fax: 0211 / 13 65 673


The office is located inside the Robert Schumann Memorial Site, the former place of residence of Robert and Clara Schumann, at Bilker Straße 15 in Düsseldorf-Karlstadt. 

Head of Office is Dr Frank Labussek.

The office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays (except public holidays) between 09.30 and 17.00 h. 

The Robert Schumann Society in Düsseldorf was established on 20th  March 1979 on the initiative of Gisela Schäfer. It currently has some 250 members, amongst whom interpreters of international reputation and renowned musicologists.

Honorary members are, inter alia, Prof. Dr h.c. Claudio Arrau (1903-1991), Prof. Dr h.c. mult. Dietrich Fischer-Diskau († 2012) and Prof. Wolfgang Sawallisch († 2013), the composer Aribert Reimann and the writer Peter Härtling. Reimann has dealt with Schumann’s work both as a composer and as an interpreter; his “Adagio für Streichquartett” [“Adagio for String Quartet”], dedicated to Robert Schumann, was premiered at the Schumann Festival 2006 in Düsseldorf. Peter Härtling’s biography “Schumanns Schatten” [“Schumann’s Shadow”] was first published in 1996, the centenary of the death of Clara Schumann.

The aim of the Society is to reappraise and cultivate the musical and literary legacy of Robert Schumann and of his time from an artistic and academic point of view. The Society organises lectures, concerts, international Schumann festivals and symposia, as well as an International Clara Schumann Competition for Piano since 1994, at irregular intervals – cf. Moreover, it has assumed the sponsorship of the Neue Robert-Schumann-Gesamtausgabe [New Complete Edition of Robert Schumann’s Works] and the Robert-Schumann-Werkverzeichnis [Catalogue of Robert Schumann’s Works].

To memorialise their first honorary member, Claudio Arrau, who died in 1991, the Robert Schumann Society has established the award of the Arrau Medal. On the day of the maestro’s death, at irregular intervals, the medal is to be awarded to a pianist who is especially committed to the spirit and tradition of Claudio Arrau's keyboard artistry. The first recipient to be so honoured on 9th June 1994 was the Hungarian pianist András Schiff. In June 2000, the medal was awarded to Martha Argerich during the 7th International Schumann Festival.

To be able to perform all the academic and editorial work surrounding the New Complete Edition of Robert Schumann’s Works, a subsidiary, the Robert Schumann Research Centre(Forschungsstelle), was established in 1986. 

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Under the title of Schumann-Forschungen [Schumann Research], the Robert Schumann Society publishes the proceedings of the international Schumann symposia organised by it, as well as monographs on individual academic topics.

(Matthias Wendt) 

Following the resignation of Prof. Franz Willnauer in May 2007, who had been elected as new Chairperson of the Robert Schumann Society in Düsseldorf at the beginning of November 2006 only ["Willnauer löst Müller ab" ], and after an “interregnum” of several months, a new managing board was elected in December 2007 with Dr Axel Baur as Chairperson.

The current Executive Board, elected in autumn 2017:

  • Dr. Albert Michael Tilmann (chairperson)
  • Dr. Irmgard Knechtges-Obrecht
  • Joachim Reinhardt (treasurer)
  • Florian Merz-Betz
  • Hans-Georg Lohe

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Translated by Thomas Henninger

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