Robert Schumann Conservatoire (Robert-Schumann-Konservatorium) of the town of Zwickau

Stiftstraße 10
08056 Zwickau

Head of Conservatoire: Thomas Richter

Tel. Head of Conservatoire: 0049 (0) 375 88371973

Tel. Secretariat: 0049 (0) 375 88371970


The Robert Schumann Conservatory dedicates extensively to the education of young musicians and fosters the preservation of the heritage of Robert Schumann. As a Music School in the city, the renowned institution offers a wide range of instrumental and vocal teaching and courses.
The Robert Schumann Conservatory was founded in 1947, initially as an academy and insititute for education of the people to art. Four years later, this institution was awarded with the title Robert Schumann Konservatorium Fach- und Fachgrundschule für Musik. In 1967 the facility was converted to the district music school. First in 1990 and after the intermim take over of the Free State of Saxony in 1996 the conservatory is one of the municipal enterprises of the city of Zwickau.
The Conservatory offers musical training at all orchestral instruments, a wide range of courses and a study preparatory training. It is also characterized by an intense ensemble work, including the Youth Symphony Orchestra, chamber orchestra, plucking orchestra, accordion orchestra, clarinet ensembles, the Big Band, the Ba-Rock orchestra, jazz choir, improve band as well as chamber music ensembles and jazz bands. Accordingly extensive is the concert work of soloists and ensembles. Robert Schumann’s works are ubiquitous on the programs of the regular class nights.
The good work is not only reflected in the various prizes of the conservatory students at regional, state and national competitions, such as „Jugend musiziert“ and „Jugend jazzt“, the German Orchestra Competition, the German ensemble competition, and other solo works, chamber music as well as orchestral competitions home and abroad.
Every two years, the Robert Schumann Conservatory organizes the „Kleiner Schumann competition“ for young pianists with participants from all over Germany. In 1968 a competition especially for children and young adults with works of Robert Schumann was launched for the first time. The Council of the City of Zwickau, the Robert Schumann Society, based in Zwickau, and the Friends of Robert Schumann at the German Cultural Association supported this „First comparison of performance in honor of Robert Schumann“. Three more competitions of this kind followed in 1969, 1972 and 1975 and were each time limited to the district of Karl-Marx-Stadt. In 1976, the fifth comparison of performance of young pianists in honor of Robert Schumann was for the first time launched on a national wide base as central competition. In 1979, the Schumann youth competition was adopted by the talent movement of the GDR as a central meeting of young talents in piano every two years and continued until the tenth comparison of performance of young pianists in honor of Robert Schumann. With the last conduction of this meeting of young talents in 1991, this comparison of performance ended as well.
After negotiations of the cultural department of the City of Zwickau and the Conservatory with SchmidtBank, the continuation of this competition was made possible in 1994. According to the international Robert Schumann Competition for piano and vocals as the big competition, the name was changed to „Kleiner Schumann-Wettbewerb“, however the counting continued. In 1994, therefore, the 13th competition took place. The competition was launched on the national level and addresses young pianists who were not allowed yet to start a music study, whose principal residence is located in Germany and who are not older than 19 years. The competition is held like in the early days by the City of Zwickau, the Robert Schumann Gesellschaft Zwickau e.V. and the Robert Schumann Conservatory of the City of Zwickau.
(Thomas Synofzik, translated by Katharina Ma)

Robert Schumann Conservatory
[Fig. 1] Robert Schumann Conservatory

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