Robert Schumann Society Zwickau e.V.

c / o Robert Schumann House
Hauptmarkt 5
08056 Zwickau
Tel: 0049 (0)375/83 44 01
Fax: 0049 (0)375/83 44 99

Chairwoman: Katrin Synofzik (since 8.6.2022)
Vice chairpersons and scientific secretaries: Dr. Ute Scholz and Dr. Thomas Synofzik (
Treasurer: Martin John

The other members of the Association's Executive Board:
Dr. Pia Findeiß, former Mayor of Zwickau
Rainer Eichhorn, former Mayor of Zwickau, honorary member of the Robert-Schumann-Society Zwickau
Mr Matthias Erler
Mr KMD Henk Galenkamp
Ms Barbara Markowitz
Mr GMD Florian Merz
Prof Dietmar Nawroth
Mr Thomas Richter
Mr GMD Leo Siberski
Mr Christiane Simon

bank details for contribution and donations:
2201002471, BLZ 87050000 (Sparkasse Zwickau)
IBAN: DE94 8705 5000 2201 0024 71

As already in 1920 initiated by Martin Kreisig (1856-1940), the co-founder of the Zwickau Schumann Museum, the Robert Schumann Society was restructured to NS association (Deutsche Schumann Gesellschaft) in 1943, under the prescribed presidency of the author and friend of Himmler, Hanns Johst. Under new conditions, but based on the positive traditions from the years before 1933, this society started again in 1949 in the frame of “Deutscher Kulturbund” and was institutionally (re-) established on 14 March 1957, since this was prevented in the Schumann anniversary year of 1956 due to the unexpected death of the nominated first president Hermann Abendroth.

The association in the birthplace of the composer wants to deepen the knowledge about the life and music of Robert Schumann by organizing concerts, symposia, music festivals and competitions. After 1961 and until 1990 limited to the area of the GDR, this society has again members from all over Germany and around the world: From Argentina to the United States and Canada to Russia and China. Famous artists, companies and orchestras belong to this circle as much as researchers in the fields of music, publishing houses and research institutions and especially a lot of music lovers and Schumann enthusiasts.

Highlights of the work of Robert Schumann Society are the annual Zwickau Music Days, Schumann festivals held on special anniversaries (such as on occasion of the 150th day of death in 2006) and the noted international Robert Schumann Competitions for piano and vocals (so far 16 competitions from 1956 until 2012, next competition will take place in 2016), which belongs to the World Federation of Music Competitions in Geneva and its laureates are now world famous artists. The society also works as supporting association for the Robert Schumann House and contributes to the extension of their stock and collections. Published under its auspices since 1988, currently with Gerd Nauhaus and Ute Bär as editors, the series of publications to the Schumann studies (10 volumes published so far) are issued with attractive special editions (6 so far). At the head of the society were the music researchers Karl Laux, Martin Schoppe and Helmut Loos, the pianist Dieter Zechlin, the conductor Albrecht Hofmann and the former director of the Schumann-House, Gerd Nauhaus, now honorary chaiman of the Robert Schumann Society Zwickau; chairman since October 2012 until May 2018 was Dietmar Nawroth. The current chairman (since June 2018) is Rainer Eichhorn, the former mayor of Zwickau. Members of the executive board next to the mayor of Zwickau and the head of the Schumann House are also persons from the public and cultural life. The company maintains contacts with sister institutions in Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Bonn.
(Gerd Nauhaus, Honorary chairman of the Society, E-Mail:, translated by Katharina Ma)

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