1873–1878 Berlin

In den Zelten, Berlin-Tiergarten, um 1880/90.
In den Zelten, Berlin-Tiergarten, around 1880/90. „In den Zelten 11“ was the adress of Clara Schumann in Berlin from 1873 - 1878.

cf: [ http://www.luise-berlin.de/bms/bmstxt99/9911proc.htm ]

As Clara Schumann returned to Berlin in 1873, her children already were grown-up. She referred to her half brother Woldemar Bargiel about her moving to Berlin that this city is very central and easy to approach. She also stated that she wouldn’t go for longer concert tours anymore and she wants Felix a longer time in the proximity of family life. Eugenie started her piano studies in 1869 at the Berlin Academy and moved with Marie and her mother to a nice apartment in Tiergarten “In den Zelten 11”. The apartment was located opposite the one of the Joachims. Joseph Joachim and his wife were the main center of attraction in Berlin, because she complained often enough about the concert audience. She commented on the mediocracy of everything, the “Singacademie zopfig” (lit. trans.: the academy is ???) etc. Only the concerts given by Joachim guarantee her the quality. They frequently and gladly gave concerts together in Berlin. Assured by Joachim Clara was also thinking about an exhibition at the Berliner Academy, but couldn’t decide to stay any longer in this unloved city, and finally resolved to move to Frankfurt. After her departure she returned a few times to Berlin for giving concerts, which fired both the audience and herself with enthusiasm. The last soirees with Joachim reminded Clara of her success long ago.

(Julia M. Nauhaus, translated by Katharina Ma)

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