Schumann network

The Schumann Network, founded in autumn 2005 on the initiative of the Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs and Ingrid Bodsch is pleased to introduceits aims, participants, and partners.
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Available in bookshops since the end of July 2010: “Unterwegsmit Schumann. EinReisebegleiterfürMusikfreunde” [“On the Way with Schumann.A Travelling Companion for Music Lovers”].Published on behalf of the Schumann Network by I. Bodsch [ On the way with Schumann ]
Was recognised as Best of Klassik im Jahresüberblick 2006 in the feuilleton of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung [Sunday edition of Frankfurt General Newspaper] (31.12.2006, p. 26): Clara Schumann, Blumenbuchfür Robert [Flower Book for Robert],the publication of which by two members of the Schumann Network was rendered possible with the support of the Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs.