Publications / Releases

What has been written and published about Robert Schumann since 1856, in which libraries can this literature be found, what of this is available in bookshops, and what are the latest publications and announcements?

Which volumes have so far appeared in the New Complete Edition? What is the latest news on Clara Schumann? Which tendencies can be discerned in Schumann research? What of Schumann music has appeared or is appearing on sound carriers of all kinds or, of late, on DVDs? Which feature films have dealt with the persons and the works of Robert and Clara Schumann? Which scores/sheet music and facsimiles are there available, to what extent are music journals and newspapers dedicated to the work of Robert Schumann and his person, or review performances/concerts and publications on the book and the sound carrier markets?

You will find a fairly comprehensive and constantly expanding and updated choice of reviews under the heading 
Tresure trove/Reviews.

It is our dedicated aim to provide you, at least at a glance or to facilitate your searches,with information on the individual “headings” which are always updated and include links to the large libraries and their databases, with the support of the Musikinformationszentrum [Music Information Centre] (MIZ) or with reference to music journal and newspapers.

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)