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Project Management::
Dr. Ingrid Bodsch

“External “ correspondents of the Project Management:
For Düsseldorf and the area between the rivers Rhine and Meuse: Dr. Irmgard Knechtges-Obrecht, Aachen
For Vienna and Austria: Dr. Klaralinda Ma-Kircher, Vienna
For Zwickau and south-western Saxony: Dr. Gerd Nauhaus, Zwickau

Schumann Network
Bonn Office
c/o City of Bonn / Office of StadtMuseum Bonn, D-53103 Bonn
Tel. 0049 (0)228 772094 und 772414 
Fax 0049 (0)228 774298

Responsible for contents as per Section 6 MDStV [Interstate Agreement on Media Services]: Ingrid Bodsch

In accordance with the determination of the initiators and sponsors, namely the Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs (BKM) and the City of Bonn, the Office of the Schumann Network is located with the Project Management of the Schumann Network (Director of StadtMuseum Bonn). The Federal City of Bonn is a corporation under public law.

Unless the texts and explanations are identified by name or taken over by the editorial staff as “technical data” (e.g., addresses and corporate profiles of institutions or announcement of events, etc.), the individual texts incl. captions are created by the Project Manager of the portal.

Technical realisation:

PERGAMON interactive GmbH
Zum Bergwerk 11
D-60437 Frankfurt
Telefon: 069 / 76 75 30 - 01


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Wilhelmstraße 11
D-71560 Sulzbach

Christa Polch: 0 71 93 / 60 36-999
Jörn Heilemann: 0 71 93 / 60 36-679

Telefax: 0 71 93 / 93 48-331


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