Maxen Castle

Maxener Straße 1
01809 Müglitztal/Maxen

Tel. 0049 (0) 352 06 304 50

In 1819, Friedrich Anton Serre acquired Maxen Manor, mentioned in documents since the 13th century, including the baroque castle. After the demise of the Serre family, the castle changed owners several times. After 1945, it was the base of a Russian commander’s office, and subsequently became a refugee home. The inventory got lost entirely at the time. Since 2003, the estate has again been under private ownership, has since been renovated and [been] gradually reintroduced to residential purposes and cultural interests.

All visitors are welcome to the café, the gallery and the charming garden in front of the castle, situated south of the church. The large hall can also be rented for events. There are walks leading from the castle to the “Clara Schumann” lime tree museum in Schmorsdorf and to the garden pavilion “Blaues Häusel” [“Blue Little House”] which was built by the Serres family in 1848.

Guided tours are available all year round by prior agreement. The exhibition and the café are open on weekends during the summer months at certain times, for events please refer to the above web site.

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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