Marie Wieck (1832 – 1916), sister in law

Marie Wieck

Marie Wieck (1832 – 1916)
Daughter of Friedrich Wieck with his second wife
Half sister of Clara Schumann and sister in law of Robert Schumann
Marie Wieck, born on 17th of January 1832 in Leipzig, was the second child of Friedrich Wieck with his wife Clementine Wieck, née Fechner. Clementine was the second wife of Friedrich Wieck after the divorce from Mariane Wieck, née Tromlitz, later married Bargiel.

After the marriage of Clara with Robert Schumann in 1840, Friedrich Wieck pinned his hopes on his second daughter, who also wanted to become a famous pianist like her sister. However, due to his work, Friedrick Wieck was not able to spend as much time on the pianistic education and perfection of Marie as he was with Clara.

Allthough Marie gave successful concerts at home and abroad and was also a famous and popular piano teacher, she never reached up to her elder sister’s state of child genius and was noncompetitive with her success and celebrity.

Her last public performances took place 20 years after Clara’s death in Dresden, where she performed on 15th of january 1916 with Herrmann Scholtz a work of her brother in law Robert Schumann: Adagio and Variations op. 46. At the end of the same year, on 22nd of October, Marie Wieck deceased in Dresden. She stayed unmarried for all her life.


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[Translated by Katharina Ma] 

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