Clara Schumann’s concert tours

March/April 1830 private concerts in Dresden
Januar 1831 3 private concerts in Dresden
18.05.1831 concert in Altenburg
25.09.1831– 01.05.1832 tour to Weimar (performance attended by Goethe on October 1st and 9th, on 7th concert at city hall), Erfurt, Gotha, Arnstadt, Kassel (performance attended by Spohr, participation in court concert an down concert), Frankfurt and Darmstadt to Paris (arrival on 05.02.1832, stay until mid April 1832, two public concerts)
Nov. 1832 concerts in Altenburg, Zwickau and Schneeberg
11.03.1833 concert in Dresden
August 1833 concerts in Chemnitz and Karlsbad
Jan./Febr. 1834 concerts in Magdeburg
Febr./March 1834 concerts in Plauen and Gera
April 1834 concerts in Plauen and Freiberg
11.11.1834–18.04.1835 concert tour to Northern Germany with father and Carl Banck (Halle, Magdeburg, Schönebeck, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Berlin)
Juli 1835 two concerts in Halle/Saale
Dez. 1835 concerts in Zwickau, Plauen, Glauchau and Chemnitz
Jan./Febr. 1836 four concerts in Dresden
23.02.–08.04.1836 concert tour to Breslau (six concerts) via Görlitz
Sept. 1836 Naumburg, Jena und Weimar
Nov. 1836 Freiberg and Dresden
07.02.–03.05.1837 Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, return via Hannover and Braunschweig (artistic breakthrough on national level)
Oktober 1837 concert in Dresden
15.10.1837–15.05.1838 First trip to Vienna via Prague, from there concerts in Preßburg and Graz
Nov. 1838 concert in Dresden
08.01.–14.08.1839 trip to Paris without father, via Nurnberg, Ansbach and Stuttgart (two public concerts in Paris)
Okt. 1839 two concerts in Berlin
Nov. 1839 three concerts with violinist Carl Müller in Stettin and Stargardt, three concerts in Berlin and Potsdam
Jan./Febr. und March 1840 four concerts in Berlin
Febr./March 1840 journey to Northern Germany (Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, Hamburg, all in all seven concerts) with her mother
Aug./Sept. 1840 eight concerts in Jena, Weimar, Meiningen, Gotha, Erfurt and Weimar, there on 05.09. last concert as Clara Wieck
21.11.1841 concert in Weimar
14.02.–10.03.1842 tour to Northern Germany with Robert, concerts in Bremen, Oldenburg and Hamburg, continuation alone from Hamburg to Copenhagen, return on 26 April
25.01.–30.05.1844 concert tour to Russia with Robert, on outward trip stops in Berlin, there a concert, after that concerts in Königsberg, Mitau, Riga, Dorpat, Petersburg (7) and Moscow (4)
Dez. 1844 one concert in Halle/Saale
18.08.1846 concert in Norderney during a spa trip with Robert
Okt./Nov. 1846 two concerts at Leipzig Gewandhaus
23.11.1846–04.02.1847 second tour to Vienna with Robert, Marie and Elise, concerts in Wien, Brno and Prague
Febr./March 1847 concerts in Berlin with Pauline Garcia-Viardot, Matinee with Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn
Juli 1847 two concerts at the music festival in Zwickau
Febr. 1850 concerts at Leipzig Gewandhaus, among these one with Robert
05.02.–29.03.1850 tour to Northern Germany with Robert, concerts in Hamburg, Bremen and Altona, i.a. with Jenny Lind
Mai–Juli 1850 concerts in Leipzig
Nov./Dez. 1850 concerts in Köln
March 1851 subscription concert in Cologne under the conduction of Schumann
1852 many concerts at Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Elberfeld
17.05.1853 participation at Niederrheinisch music festival in Düsseldorf
Nov. 1853 concerts in Barmen, Cologne and Bonn
24.11.–22.12.1853 successful tour to the Netherlands with Robert, concerts in Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam
21.–30.01.1854 in Hannover with Robert
26.08.1854 concert in Oostende
Okt.–Dez. 1854 concerts in Leipzig, Weimar, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Altona, Lübeck, Barmen, Breslau, Berlin, Potsdam and Frankfurt/Oder
Jan./Febr. 1855 trip to the Netherlands, concerts in Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and Amsterdam
Febr./March 1855 concerts in Berlin, Danzig (with Joseph Joachim), Greifswald, Stralsand, Grimmen and Bergen/Rügen
Juni/Juli 1855 two concerts in Detmold and Bad Ems
Okt.–Dez. 1855 concerts in Elberfeld, Göttingen, Berlin, Potsdam, Danzig, Leipzig and Rostock
Jan. bis March 1856 third concert tour to Vienna, also concerts in Preßburg, Pest and Prague
March 1856 private concert in Leipzig
15.03.1856 court concert in Hannover with Joseph Joachim
18.04.–06.07.1856 First tour to England: concerts in London (21), Manchester, Liverpool and Dublin
Sept. 1856 concerts in Heidelberg
Okt./Nov. 1856 concerts in Frankfurt/Mayn, Karlsruhe, Darmstadt and Göttingen
Nov./Dez. 1856 journey to Denmark, six concerts in Copenhagen
Jan. 1857 three concerts in Leipzig
Febr./March 1857 concerts in Hannover, Göttingen, Bremen, Cologne and Elberfeld
Mai/Juni 1857 second tour to England: concerts in London (8), Camberwell and Brighton
Okt./Nov. 1857 concerts Dresden and Leipzig with Joseph Joachim
Nov./Dez. 1857 journey to Switzerland via Augsburg and Munich, concerts there and in Bern, Zurich, Basel and Winterthur (7 concerts)
Jan. 1858 on the way back from Switzerland, concerts in Munich, Augsburg, Nurnberg, Fürth, Erlangen
Jan.–March 1858 via Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Guebwiller to the French Switzerland: concerts in Genève, Lausanne and Vevey, then concerts in Zofingen, St. Gallen and Winterthur
Juli 1858 two concerts in Wiesbaden
Okt. 1858 four concerts in Elberfeld, Cologne, Aachen, Krefeld and Düsseldorf
Nov. 1858– Febr. 1859 fourth trip to Vienna, nine concerts there, also concerts in Pest, Graz and Brno
March 1859 four concerts in Dresden and Prague with Julyus Stockhausen
Mai/Juni 1859 third tour to England with concerts in London (9), Manchester and Camberwell
Okt. 1859 four concerts in Aachen, Cologne, Krefeld, Bonn and Düsseldorf
12.11.1859 concert in Bremen
Dez. 1859 five concerts in Leipzig, Hannover and Celle
Jan. 1860 concerts in Berlin, Kassel, Braunschweig, Bonn and Düsseldorf
Febr. 1860 tour to the Netherlands, concerts in Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam
Febr./March 1860 fifth tour to Vienna, on outward journey one concert in Brno, eight concerts in Vienna
16.04.1860 concert in Dresden
Mai 1860 concert at the Niederrheinisch music festival in Düsseldorf
06.08.1860 concert in Kreuznach
Ende Okt./Anf. Nov. 1860 three concerts in Dresden
Ende Nov./Anf. Dez. 1860 concerts in Berlin, Leipzig and Erfurt
Jan./Febr. 1861 tour to Northern Germany, concerts in Hamburg, Altona, Osnabrück and Detmold, on return journey in Cologne
March 1861 journey to Belgium, concerts in Antwerpen, Mons, Lüttich, Bruges, Gent and Brussels (all in all ten concerts)
21.05.1861 concert at the 38th Niederrheinisch music festival in Aachen
01.07.1861 concert in Spa
Juli/Aug. 1861 three concerts in Aachen and Kreuznach
Okt.–Anf. Dez. 1861 concerts in Northern Germany: Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Oldenburg and again Hamburg
Mitte Dez. 1861 three concerts in Leipzig
Jan. 1862 two concerts in Cologne and Bonn
Jan./Febr. 1862 two concerts in Frankfurt/Mayn
Febr. 1862 jounrey to Switzerland via Alsace: concerts in Karlsruhe, Basel, Mulhouse, Guebwiller, Zürich (partly with J. Stockhausen)
March/April 1862 journey to France and Belgium: six concerts in Paris and one concert in Brussels, partly with Pauline Viardot
Sept./Okt. 1862 journey to Switzerland via Alsace: concerts in Guebwiller, Mulhouse, Baden-Baden, Colmar, Winterthur and Zürich
Nov. 1862 four concerts in Barmen, Frankfurt/Mayn and Karlsruhe
Nov./Dez. 1862 eight concerts in Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden and Breslau
Jan. 1863 tour to the Netherlands, five concerts in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnheim
Ende Jan./Anf. Febr. 1863 two concerts in Cologne and Bonn
Febr./March 1863 trip to France and Belgium: last concerts in Paris (3) and Lyon (4), one in Brussels
April 1863 three concerts in Trier, Luxemburg and Saarbrücken
Ende Sept./Anf. Okt. 1863 two concerts in Munich
Okt./Nov. 1863 concerts in Aachen, Frankfurt/Mayn, Mannheim and Münster
Nov. 1863 journey to Northern Germany: concerts in Hamburg, Rostock, Schwerin, Wismar and Güstrow (all in all seven concerts)
Dez. 1863 concerts in Leipzig, Braunschweig, Detmold, Bremen and Cologne
Jan. 1864 concerts in Cologne, Hannover and Hamburg
Jan.–April 1864 Second tour to Russia: concerts in Königsberg, Elbing, Riga, Mitau, St. Petersburg (6) and Moscow (5)
Okt./Nov. 1864 concerts in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Cologne and Elberfeld
Nov./Dez. 1864 concerts in Bremen, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Kiel and Schwerin
Jan.–April 1865 concerts in Berlin, Cologne, Hannover, Leipzig, Dresden, Zwickau, Naumburg and Prag
April–Juni 1865 Fourth tour to England: concerts in London (18) and one in Manchester
26.06.1865 concert in Kreuznach
Okt./Nov. 1865 five concerts in Frankfurt/Mayn, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Darmstadt
Nov./Dez. 1865 seven concerts in Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Breslau and Königsberg
Jan. 1866 three concerts in Düsseldorf, Koblenz and Braunschweig
Jan.–April 1866 sixth journey to Austria-Hungary: 17 concerts in Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Pest, Linz, Preßburg, Graz, Klagenfurt and Salzburg
Mai 1866 many concerts at the 43rd Niederrheinisch music festival in Düsseldorf
Juli/Aug. 1866 concerts in Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt/Mayn and Mannheim
Nov./Dez. 1866 concerts in Bremen, Oldenburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz
Jan.–April 1867 fifth journey to England and Scotland: concerts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Bath, Clifton, Torquay, Liverpool, Bradford, Birmingham, Rugby (all in all 15) and London (15)
Juli 1867 hree concerts in Kreuznach, Wiesbaden and Baden-Baden
Okt./Nov. 1867 eleven concerts in Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Berlin, Schwerin and Rostock
Dez. 1867 five concerts in Dresden, Köthen, Leipzig, Berlin, Cologne and Elberfeld
Jan.–April 1868 sixth jouney to England and Schottland via Belgium (three concerts in Brüssel and Antwerpen): Janunary until March concerts in London (18), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Torquay, Manchester and Rugby (all in all 7), on return journey again one concert in Brussels beg. April
17.04.1868 concert in Krefeld
Okt./Nov. 1868 five concerts in Frankfurt/Mayn, Oldenburg, Bremen and Breslau
Nov./Dez. 1868 seventh journey to Austria-Hungary: concerts in Vienna (5) and Pest (2)
Jan. 1869 journey to the Netherlands: four concerts in Arnheim, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam
Ende Jan.–Mitte April 1869 seventh journey to England: concerts in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Bath, Clifton, Brighton (all in all 7) and London (17)
Okt./Nov./Dez. 1869 three concerts in Karlsruhe and Berlin
Dez. 1869/Jan. 1870 eighth journey to Vienna and Graz (all in all five 5 concerts)
Ende Jan./Anf. Febr. 1870 three concerts in Cologne and Düsseldorf
Febr.–April 1870 eighth tour to England: concerts in Birmingham, Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester, Bath, Clifton, Harrow (all in all 9) and London (18)
14.07.1870 concert in Kreuznach
Okt.–Dez. 1870 eight concerts in Frankfurt/Mayn, Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg and Bremen
03.01.1871 Breslau
Jan. 1871 three concerts in Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Krefeld
Jan.–April 1871 ninth tour to England: concerts in London (22), Liverpool and Manchester (4)
Okt.–Dez. 1871 concerts in Baden-Baden, Leipzig and Dresden, then journey to Northern Germany with concerts in Bremen, Oldenburg, Quedlinburg, Hamburg and Münster, further concerts in Berlin, Frankfurt/Mayn and Düsseldorf
Jan. 1872 concerts in Kassel, Frankfurt/Mayn and Barmen
Febr.–April 1872 tenth tour to England: concerts in London (16), Brighton, St.-Leonards-on-Sea and Liverpool (all in all 5)
Okt./Nov. 1872 concerts in Frankfurt/Mayn, Stuttgart, Cologne, Elberfeld, Düsseldorf and Heidelberg
Nov./Dez. 1872 nineth trip to Austria-Hungary: concerts in Vienan (4) and Pest (1)
Dez. 1872 two concerts in Dresden and Berlin (with Amalie Joachim)
Jan. 1873 two concerts in Leipzig
Febr. 1873 two concerts in Brüssel
Febr.–April 1873 eleventh tour to England: concerts in London (18), Liverpool and Bath (all in all 2)
03.06.1873 participation at the 50th Niederrheinisch music festival in Aachen
17.–19.08.1873 participation at the memorial festivities for Robert Schumann in Bonn
Sept./Okt. 1873 four concerts in Baden-Baden, Frankfurt/Mayn and Mannheim
Nov. 1873 three concerts in Bremen, Hamburg and Schwerin as also in Dresden
Dez. 1873 two concerts in Leipzig
18.03.1875 concert in Kiel
27./28.06.1875 participation at the 1st Schleswig-Holstein music festival in Kiel
Okt.–Dez. 1875 concerts in Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Frankfurt/Mayn, Cologne, Bonn, Breslau and Hannover as well as in Berlin
Jan./Febr. 1876 concerts in Chemnitz, Braunschweig and Dresden
11.03.1876 concert in Utrecht on the way to England
March/April 1876 twelfth tour to England: nine concerts in London
Okt.–Dez. 1876 concerts in Hannover, Barmen, Hamburg, Bremen, Leipzig and Breslau
Febr. 1877 two concerts in Utrecht and Rotterdam on the way to England
Febr./March 1877 13th tour to England: twelve concerts in London
Sept./Okt. 1877 concerts in Baden-Baden, Hamburg and Schwerin
Nov. 1877 two concerts in Basel
Dez. 1877 two concerts in Breslau
Febr./March 1878 concerts in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Gießen and Hamburg
10.04.1878 concert in Dresden
25.05.1878 concert in Wiesbaden
Anf. Juni 1878 concert at the Niederrheinisch music festival in Düsseldorf
26.09.1878 concert in Hamburg (festitive concerts of the Philharmonic Society)
24.10.1878 concert in Leipzig: 50th anniversary festivity of the first performance of Clara Schumann at the Gewandhaus
21.11.1878 concert in Bonn
30.11.1878 concert in München
Jan. 1879 journey to Switzerland: concerts in Basel, Freiburg/Br. and Zurich
14.03.1879 concert in Koblenz
Nov./Dez. 1879 Konzerte in Leipzig, Breslau, Karlsruhe
Jan. 1880 two concerts in Wiesbaden und Köln
Febr. 1880 two concerts in Basel
15.03.1880 concert in Koblenz
16.–18.05.1880 participation at the 57th Niederrheinisch music festival in Cologne
23.11.1880 concert in Stuttgart
Jan./Febr. 1881 two concerts in Leipzig
Febr.–April 1881 14th tour to England: eleven concerts in London
Okt. 1881 concert in Köln (Hiller-Feier)
Nov. 1881 concert in Basel
Nov./Dez. 1881 three concerts in Hamburg, Hannover und München
30.01.1882 concert in Stuttgart
March/April 1882 15th tour to England: nine concerts in London
Okt.–Dez. 1882 one concert each time in Wiesbaden, Krefeld and Maynz
Jan./Febr. 1883 three concerts in Berlin und Leipzig
Okt./Nov. 1882 three concerts in Berlin und Barmen
01.12.1882 concert in Utrecht
11.01.1884 concert in Wiesbaden
March/April 1884 16th tour to England: ten concerts in London
March/April 1885 three concerts in Leipzig und Berlin (mit J. Joachim)
26.11.1885 concert in Leipzig
March/April 1886 17th tour to England: six concerts in London
17.02.1887 concert in Leipzig
March/April 1887 18th tour to England: eight concerts in London
06.11.1887 concert in Basel
10.01.1888 concert in Stuttgart
Febr./March 1888 119th tour to England: eight concerts in London
23.01.1889 concert in Berlin with Joseph Joachim
07.03.1889 last concert at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig

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