Julie Deichmann, née vom Rath (1828-1904)

Julie Deichmann and her husband, the Cologne banker Wilhelm Adolph Deichmann (1811-1882) had a self built castle on Rolandshöhe, where they spent the summers. Clara Schumann was often guest in this villa, which still today is giving a beautiful view over the Rhine to the island Nonnenwerth, the Rolandsbogen and the Siebengebirge with the Drachenfels in the background. She gave piano lessons to the daughters and visited Julie Deichmann in Cologne. In 1882 she noted in her diary that she met her "so sweet and good as always". The villa Deichmann was not far away from Mehlemer Aue and thanks to the intensive research of Ingrid Bodsch and urban archivist Kurt Kleeman, the villa was relocated in 2001.

Adolph Deichmann’s elder brother Wilhelm Ludwig (1798-1876), also a banker, lived in Mehlemer Aue with his wife Elizabeth Jacobine Lenore, née Schaaffhausen, called Lilla (1811-1888). Clara was also friends with Lilla and Ludwig Deichmann. In the summer of 1853, the young Johannes Brahms was guest in Mehlemer Aue before he went to Düsseldorf where he met Robert and Clara Schumann. Even later, Brahms and Clara Schumann were welcomed guests at Deichmanns. The former student of Clara, Marie von Lindeman tried to introduce Clara as a piano teacher to Lilla Deichmann, but the appointment didn’t work out.

(J.M.N., translated by Katharina Ma)