Flechsig, Emil (1808 - 1878)

Emil Flechsig at the age of 22

Emil Flechsig (1808 – 1878) at the age of 22
Watercolored drawing, from 1830
Robert-Schumann-Haus Zwickau

Flechsig was Schumann’s closest boyhood friend and was two years older than him. Friend with Flechsig since 1822, Robert Schumann shared his time in school with him. After graduating, they also shared a student’s apartment in Leipzig in 1828/29; he sometimes called Flechsig his “roommate”. Flechsig continued his studies – in contrast to Schumann, he studied theology and not law- and returned in 1831 as a teacher to Zwickau, where he also became deacon of St. Mary’s in 1844 and of St. Catherine’s in 1851. Flechsig’s translation of Thomas Moore’s "The Paradise and the Peri" was used by Schumann in parts for his eponymous oratorio.

Translation: Katharina Ma


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