Emma Preußer, née von Gutschmid (1817– deceased after 1895)

Since 1834 Emma Preußer was married to the widowed businessman Gustav Louis Preußer in Leipzig. Latter was co-occupant of a cotton business and director of the Leipzig-Dresden Railway Company. In 1856, he moved with his second wife to his manor in Lockwitz near Dresden.

Preußers are forst mentioned in Schumann's household book in October 1843. The friendly relationship persisted even after the departure of the Schumann family: For instance, Clara and Robert were warmly welcomed in February 1850 and in March 1852.

In 1850, during a stay in Leipzig on the occasion of rehearses of Genoveva, Clara noted in her diary: "I t is nowhere as nice as here with Preußers, where we are staying! We are in paradise, [...] our early breakfast in the garden, while our gracious hosts anticipating our every wish [...]". The couple Preußer visited Schumanns in June and August 1851 and in June 1852 in Düsseldorf.

When Schumann died, Marie and Elise were staying in Lockwitz at the Preußer’s house. At the concert on the occasion of the 50th stage anniversary of Clara Schumann in 1878, also Emma Preußer took part, which was joyfully taken note of by Clara in her diary. The friends visited each other every now and then and when returned again to Leipzig in 1889m her beloved friends were of course present.

Clara wrote in her diary: "Emma Preußer came and this particularly pleased me ... So we were three old friends (Emma, Livia and I) together again, it will probably be the last time!" On her 76th  birthday on 13 September 1895, the first birthday greeting came from Emma Preußer, but Clara could not help noticing that she was apparently quite weak already, which made her very sad. Emma was one of the few female friends, with whom she shared memories of the happy times in Leipzig and her young marriage and with whom Clara also shared later experiences.

(J.M.N., translated by Katharina Ma)