Elise Schumann (1843 - 1928), daughter

Elise Schumann at the age of 30

Elise Schumann (1843 – 1928) at the age of 30
Daughter of Clara and Robert Schumann
Photography, around 1873
Robert-Schumann-Haus Zwickau

Elise Schumann was the second-born and according to her father the counterbalance to her eldest sister Marie, a very obstinate child. The picture presents her on the verge of her marriage with the business man Louis Sommerhoff in 1877. At that time Elise Schumann lived in Frankfurt and worked as a piano teacher. She joined her husband and went to America for a couple of years and then moved back to Frankfurt, where also her mother lived and taught. (I.B.)

[Translated by Katharina Ma]

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