Clara Schumann Music School of Baden-Baden

Stephanienstraße 16
76530 Baden-Baden
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Clara Schumann bust, Bernhard Horn 1989
[Fig. 1] Clara Schumann bust, Bernhard Horn 1989

Since 1988, the music school in Baden-Baden has borne the name of “Clara-Schumann-Musikschule [Clara Schumann Music School]”. As inauguration day, 13th September 1988 was chosen, the birthday of Clara Schumann. The certificate about the official naming dated 9th October 1988 includes a reference to the “historic duty and pedagogical incentive to strive for a successful future” of the town’s music school.

Clara Schumann visited Baden-Baden again in the summer of 1862 and acquired a small house in the Lichtental district where she and her seven children would live, mainly during the summer months between 1863 and 1873, because, as Clara Schumann herself remarked on Baden-Baden, “here I would have the beautiful nature and also the artistic communication, as everyone seems to come here”.

The town’s music school, founded in 1982, has indeed satisfied the historic duty and pedagogical incentive inspired by the name of a famous pianist and teacher for more than 25 years. Clara Schumann Music School offers its currently 600+ students a wide range of musical subjects. Since October 2006, dancing and arts have been offered also.

Children at the piano – musical pre-primary education
[Fig. 2] Children at the piano – musical pre-primary education