Vienna Library in the Town Hall (Wienbibliothek im Rathaus)

(formerly Vienna Town and State Library)
A - 1082 Vienna

Tel. 0043 1 4000-84920
Fax 0043 1 4000-99-84915

Access: Rathaus (Town Hall), entrance through Felderstraße (from 18.00 hrs through Lichtenfelsgasse), staircase 6 (lift), 1stfloor

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00 to 18.30 hrs, Friday 9.00 to 16.30 hrs

The Vienna Library in the Town Hall is one of the most important academic libraries with reference to Vienna. It features not only unique books about Vienna and Austria but also extensive Nachlasse of numerous public figures.

Along with the Publications Department covering in excess of more than half a million volumes, there are more than 860 Nachlasse with about 6 million single autographs held at the Manuscript Department, and nearly 100.000 music manuscripts and prints at the Music Department. Moreover, the Vienna Library holds the largest collection of posters in Austria and extensive documentation in the form of newspaper cuttings.

A large part of the holdings can be searched through online and be ordered by e-mail to the Reading Room – the Vienna Library being a reference library! -:

Manuscript and Music Departments
Access to the Reading Room of the Manuscript and Music Departments: Rathaus (Town Hall), staircase 6, 1st floor, door 331; barrier-free access via the lift by staircase 8
Telephone (Reading Room): (43-1) 4000-84940

Opening hours of the Reading Room:
Monday to Thursday 9.00 to 18.30 hrs, Friday 9.00 to 16.30 hrs

The Manuscript Department holds about 250.000 catalogued autographs and around 910 "Nachlässe", pre-mortem "Nachlässe", archives and collections, including the "Nachlass" of Franz Grillparzer whose donation by Katharina Fröhlich in 1878 laid the cornerstone of the collection.

The collections of the Music Department mainly comprise handwritten music scores and printed sheet music of the last 200 years, focusing on Viennese composers and publishers. Along with the large and globally unique holdings relating to Franz Schubert, Johann Strauß, Joseph Lanner, Hugo Wolf, and Ernst Krenek, the operetta and Wienerlied [Viennese song] archives as well as the archives the Universal Edition and publisher Doblinger should also be highlighted. The holdings of the Manuscript Department are made accessible by card indexes and a list of "Nachlässe", 
and an online catalogue: 
and those of the Music Department on:

The Manuscript Department of the Vienna Library, along with the famous Brahms notebook of 1855 (Sign: H.I.N. 55732 ) with an entry by Robert Schumann, and the legendary letter from Robert Schumann to Johann Jakob Brahms dated 11th May 1854 (Sign: H.I.N. 32884), in which he praised the genius of his son Johannes, further includes some letters from and to Robert Schumann, from Friedrich Wieck, and also, besides a few dedication entries, numerous letters from Clara Schumann, which joined the holdings of the Vienna Library mainly (but not exclusively) from the part "Nachlässe" of Johann Vesque von Püttlingen and Marianne Brandt, and the "Nachlass" of Moritz Hartmann.

Notebook of Johannes Brahms, 1855, page 5, with entries by Robert Schumann
Notebook of Johannes Brahms, 1855, page 5, with entries by Robert Schumann

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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