Walter Scott

Walter Scott

Walter Scott (Edinburgh, 1771 – Abbotsford, 1832)
Copper engraving in stipple engraving by Friedrich Wilhelm Bollinger (1777-1825) on a painting by R. Westall
Zwickau: Gebrüder Schumann, around 1820
Desciption underneath the half length portrait: Walter Scott
StadtMuseum Bonn

The works of the Scottish national poet Walter Scott, whose novels were also read by Goethe, has belonged to the publishing program of the brothers Schumann in Zwickau, where they were published in German translation in from 1822 until 1827. The novel “Ivanhoe”, which takes place in the 12th century and in whose film adaption Elizabeth Taylor as the beautigul and good Jewess Rebecca and Robert Taylor as noble Anglo-Saxon knight moved generations of moviegoers to tears, was in 1829 the "bedside reading" of . Clara Schumann admits in the marriage diary entry of 6 December 1840 after reading "The heart of Mith-Lothian”, to has not read anything for long time that would get her that excited. (I.B.)

Translation: Katharina Ma

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