Schumann-House in Leipzig

Inselstraße 18
04103 Leipzig

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 14 - 18 h
Saturday and Sunday 10 - 18 h
Public guided tours Sunday 15 h 

Tel.: 0049 - 341 - 3939 2191

The Schumann House is situated at Inselstraße 18 within a few minutes’ walking distance from Leipzig town centre. Following their marriage in September 1840, Robert and Clara Schumann had their first joint flat on the piano nobile of this classicist building and lived there until 1844. Over that period, some of the most important compositions of Robert Schumann were created, including the “Frühlingssinfonie” [“Spring Symphony”] and the three string quartets Op. 41, dedicated to Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. The house had been built in 1838, so that the Schumanns were the first tenants. Today, the building is used by the independent full-time primary school “Clara Schumann” with its artistic profile, and is full of life.

On the first floor where the artist couple lived, the Robert-und-Clara-Schumann-Verein-Leipzig-Inselstraße 18 e.V. society arranged some exhibition rooms in which the life and work of the artist couple is documented. Here, by means of exhibits and explanatory notes, visitors can acquaint themselves not only with the fundamentally different personality traits of Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck, conditioned by their upbringing, but also with the artistic influence they exerted on each other. Furthermore, the significance of the Schumann House is highlighted as an international meeting place of artists at the beginning of the 1840s: Hector Berlioz, Franz Liszt, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Richard Wagner and Hans-Christian Andersen have all been visitors to this house. 

The centrepiece of the historical exhibition rooms is the “Schumann room”, reconstructed true to the original. Here, regular events are organised.

(Dr. Christiane Schwerdtfeger, 2011)

(Translated by Th. Henninger)

About the Schumann House, cf. also: Hans Joachim Köhler: Alltag und Kunst. Das Domizil der Schumanns in der Leipziger Inselstraße [Everyday Life and the Arts. The Schumanns’ domicile at Leipzig Inselstraße], Altenburg: Kamprad, 2004

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