Due to general government regulations, adjusted each time to reflect the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and individual precautions taken by the organisers, it is possible that not all events listed in the event calendar can be held or that venues and times will have to be changed at short notice where necessary. In any case, if you wish to attend a specific event, it is recommended you contact the respective organiser.


Many events with the focus on Robert Schumann are to be recommended!

Right at the homepage you can find upcoming events, exhibitions and conferences. You can also search for current or upcoming events in certain cities by clicking on "search" and entering a postal code or city. Furthermore, you have the possibility to browse current exhibitions, concerts, conferences, radio- and TV shows as well as, under the heading "miscellaneous", lectures , child programs, stage shows and much more. Past events can be viewed in the column "archive", including reviews and pictures, if available.

Under "Program-offers" artists present special events that can be booked by prospective clients at specific dates.

Notes for organisers wishing to enter their events in the preview of the Schumann portal:

If you wish to enter an event yourself, which must always bear reference to Robert and Clara Schumann, you will have to “register” and “log in”. Once you are logged in with a user name and a password, you can, after activation by the administrator, usually within 24 hours, enter further events or correct and amend your entries yourself, or, in case an event is cancelled, delete the respective event at any time. After release by the administrator, your entries will all be made available online as soon as possible. If you have left an e-mail address with your organiser details, you will be notified automatically following activation.

Please note: Even after (!) the Clara Schumann anniversary year 2019, when making an entry, you will have the option to additionally mark each event dedicated to Clara Schumann in whole or at least one programme item, by clicking the box with the Clara Schumann portrait. In the PREVIEW, this event will then appear with a blue Clara icon.

Clara Event

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)