Archive and research institution

The archives of the Robert Schumann House hold the world’s largest Schumann collection.

Focus is the rich autobiographical, literary and critical Nachlass of the composer, enhanced by the holdings of manuscripts by Clara Schumann and numerous other composers of the 19thcentury, even substantially larger in volume. Major handwritten music scores include the sketches for his opera Genoveva Op. 81 and for Dichterliebe [The Poet’s Love] Op. 48, the working manuscripts for the Album für die Jugend [Album for the Young] Op. 68 and the Faschingsschwank aus Wien [Carnival Jest from Vienna] Op. 26 as well as the autograph score of the Overture to Hermann and Dorothea Op. 136.  

Alongside, there are several autograph albums, amongst which the so-called Brautbuch [Bridal Book] and the Endenich Blumentagebuch [Flower Diary] of Clara Schumann. The abundant picture collections include numerous early forms of photographs, as well as original paintings by artists Eduard Bendemann, Carl Jäger, Franz von Lenbach and others. Highlights are the Schumann collection of the first editions of his complete works amongst numerous other items of printed sheet music, and Clara Schumann’s complete programme collection amongst the extensive holdings of concert programme leaflets. 

Part of these precious holdings can be viewed at the Schumann House Museum in the permanent exhibition on the life and work of Robert and Clara Schumann (see there).

New acquisitions of the Robert Schumann House, inter alia, are regularly presented to the public in alternating special exhibitions. 

The Robert Schumann House with its extraordinarily rich archival holdings provides unique opportunities for biographical and musicological research on the artist couple and their contemporaries. The archives are a contact point for scholars and researchers from all over the world. At the same time, independent and mainly biography-oriented research at the Schumann House in Zwickau is continuously carried on to this day. A project of the German Research Foundation, in cooperation with the Dresden College of Music, is currently preparing a Schumann letter edition in Zwickau.

1976 saw the opening of a series of academic seminars on issues relating to Schumann research, documented in regular proceedings in the Schumann Studies series (edited on behalf of Robert-Schumann-Gesellschaft Zwickau [Robert Schumann Society of Zwickau] by Dr Gerd Nauhaus and printed by publisher Studio  Verlag , Zehnthofstraße 2, 53489 Sinzig, tel.: 02642/5919, fax: 02621/5917, cf., e-mail:

 (Thomas Synofzik, translated by Thomas Henninger)

Seite aus dem Blumenbuch von Clara Schumann

Page of Clara Schumann’s Flower Diary

Titelblatt von Robert Schumanns op. 15 Nr. 7
[Fig. 2]

“Träumerei” [“Dreaming”]
Title page of Robert Schumann’s Op. 15 No. 7

Programm vom ersten Konzertauftritt der damals neunjährigen Clara Wieck.
[Fig. 3]

Programme of the first concert performance of then nine-year-old Clara Wieck.
20th October 1828 at the Leipzig Gewandhaus Concert Hall.

Autograph von Robert Schumann
[Fig. 4]

Autograph by Robert Schumann: Sketch sheet of Dichterliebe [The Poet’s Love] Op. 48, with a dedication by Clara Schumann dated 1889.

"Ländliches Lied" aus dem Jugendalbum op. 68 Nr. 20
[Fig. 5]

“Ländliches Lied” [“Rustic Song”] from Album für die Jugend [Album for the Young] Op. 68 No. 20
Autograph by Robert Schumann with later dedication by Clara Schumann to the recipient to whom it was addressed.

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