Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber open Park Avenue Armory's restored hall with Schumann

"In a world of great baritones, Gerhaher is the baritone’s baritone. A Lieder singer above all, he is most often noted for his evenness of tone and his unfussy, almost confessional manner. [...] What surprised most in this all-Schumann programme was the wealth of power Gerhaher held in reserve, unleashing an unexpected ferocity for most violent moments. Take the end of the protagonist’s meeting with Lorelei in “Waldesgespräch” from the Liederkreis, or the scary forcefulness as man shot lion in a stunningly narrated “Die Löwenbraut”.

[...] A word, too, for Gerhaher’s pianist, Gerold Huber.  [...] His communication with Gerhaher, developed over long years working together, is essentially telepathic, to the complete benefit of the composer.

Faultless, all of it." (David Allen, 2.10.2013)